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Making the best bar possible

Shake up your party with our professional cocktail bartenders as they serve unique drinks, made just for you. With cocktail and mocktail menus designed specifically to match the party theme, your guests will have an experience to remember beyond the ceremony, reception and dinner.


Creative Cocktails, with a Twist!


Our focus is about making amazing drinks that you don’t expect, without compromise. This might mean our drinks take longer to make or we cost a touch more than the larger companies; but we only serve high quality products by using the best tools and ingredients.


Weddings come in a wide variety of different styles, so we meet in advance to create a bespoke cocktail menu that matches you and your theme perfectly. Whether you’re going all out or sticking to a budget, we know how to make sure you are 100% happy with each cocktail.


Our communication is quick and effective because we don’t want endless emails taking up your valuable time, especially when there are so many other important details to organise. We are honest about the products we can provide.


We take responsibility for the hire and delivery of all necessary items including the bar units, cocktail equipment, glassware varieties, stock & staff. This means you can focus your energy on other areas of the party.


There's a drink for every mood or occasion. Find your favorite cocktails or think outside the glass and try a brand new drink. Your new favorite could be a shake or stir away.


Mocktails made easy. Creating alcohol-free drinks with party appeal is easy. Choose a delicious mocktail and gain some delicious alcohol-free inspiration.

Handcrafted Cocktails
Gin, Vodka & Whisky
By Cocktail Prism

Cocktail Prism Events

Be a guest at your own event! Relax and enjoy the benefit of having our professional mixologists service your guests. Our highly trained and experienced staff are extremely personable and dedicated to making your event enjoyable.

Cocktail Prism provides adequate staffing at our events to ensure cocktails served are exceptional with minimal wait time at the bar.